Reskilling Festival – Sunday, February 10th

Rap For Food’s founder Lucas DiGia is teaching a class at this year’s ReSkilling Festival! Check out The Art of Biochar if you are interested in attending. Or check out the full list of workshops to see what else is out there. Haven’t heard of the festival before? Read below for a description and to see pictures and interviews from the founder.

The Ann Arbor ReSkilling Festival aims to help people learn skills for resilient, low-energy living—from canning to meditation to quilting and starting a garden. The concept of reskilling is about preparing for our low-energy future by acquiring new skills related to what we eat, wear, use and live in. As Transition Towns founder Rob Hopkins points out, “We no longer have many of the basic skills our grandparents took for granted.” Reskilling means providing for ourselves and our communities by growing, preserving, creating, building, and teaching.

Ann Arbor has hosted 5 day-long ReSkilling Festivals since 2009 — with our largest attendance at 225 people. The festivals are free and open to the public, and each one is pretty different! Localizers around the country have contacted us about our success with this event (notice that our event is one of the top google hits when you type in “reskilling”!)

The Rudolf Steiner High School (2230 Pontiac Trail, Ann Arbor 48105) graciously offers their building and grounds for the festival, and just visiting this high school building nestled in the woods is an experience in itself. During the festival, sessions happen all day long at the school — in classrooms, stone circles, the woods, and old homes on the property. The commons are vibrant all day with food and conversation.

Want to learn more?  Click here for a CTN interview with our very own Laura Smith

See photos from last winter’s festival here, and past Ann Arbor ReSkilling events on our previous blogsite:

Want to get in touch with the organizers? Reach us here:

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