Rap For Food will be back soon…

Hello Friends & Fans,

Thank you for your support of Rap For Food over the years. As most of you know my wife and I made a move out to Austin, TX for a job opportunity after getting married in August. While my passion for supporting local food and community gardening has not waned, my focus has been on this new chapter in Austin and starting a family. I’m looking forward to performing again, but feel that Rap For Food will have to change the scope of its activities to continue to be sustainable in the future.

The whirlwind of activity, concerts and partnerships were such an amazing learning experience but I never transitioned out of that exploration into a more focused organization. Rap For Food is on the back burner for now, but I am hopeful for another opportunity to explore this idea– either as a program inside of a larger organization or simply as a music project and see where it goes from there.

I am grateful for this experience, but recognize that the best way forward is to close the door on it and make a space to re-invent it. I am especially grateful for Alexi Ernstoff and Tanya Mefta, two passionate musical activists that made Rap For Food what it was. What exactly was that? An organization, a musical performance group, a service provider to non-profit organizations? I’m still not sure exactly, but I’m sure that we captured the imagination of a community. I’m sure that it fulfilled me in a way that nothing had before, and I’m sure that idea is as relevant and necessary as ever.

The first step is into the garden to plant some new seeds and see what grows. Polish off the old tools and toss the ones that don’t serve a purpose. Let go of what never bore fruit and make the space for new growth. Rap For Food will be back soon…

With love and gratitude,


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