About Us

Our Mission:

Rap For Food’s mission is to support localization, sustainable food systems, and youth gardening through the arts.

Our Target Audience:

Anybody that eats! We hope to inspire everyone in Michigan to carefully consider the food they eat, where it comes from, and who grows it. We cater to youth and adult audiences with separate educational material, but find that all age groups love our songs. Schools, community organizations, events, and university groups benefit from our high energy performances and writing workshops. We are glad to participate in any event that commemorates or seeks improvements in our local food system. We strive to use our talents to reinforce and celebrate what we can do as individuals to improve our health, local food access, and stewardship of the Earth!

Our Activities:

Rap For Food participates in many events in southeast Michigan including festivals, conferences, fundraisers, farmers markets, school performances and concerts. We are currently developing a school program to qualify for SNAP-ED public funds. We partner with SEMIS <link to> to help bring more environmental, arts-incorporated, and place-based education to schools in Southeast Michigan. We will partner with any organization aligned with our goals, for instance those committed to local food production, permaculture, community gardening, healthy food in schools, environmental stewardship and community empowerment. Together we can make a difference!

Attended Events & Partners

Good Food-Charter Summit, Lansing

Leslie Science Center, Ann Arbor

Ann Arbor’s Farmer’s Market

Growing Hope, Ypsilanti

Redford Farmer’s Market

Mission Zero Fest, Ann Arbor

Brightmoor Community Gardens, Detroit

Local Food Summit, Ann Arbor

Honey Creek Community School, Ann Arbor

Southeast Michigan Stewardship Coalition

Food Gatherers food bank, Ann Arbor

Project Grow, Ann Arbor

Student Food Co-op, U-M

Tilian Farm Development Center

Ecology Center, Ann Arbor

Mark’s Carts, Downtown Home & Garden

Washtenaw Food-hub

Yellow Barn, Ann Arbor


Our Membership:

Alexi Ernstoff

Educational Director


Alexi currently works as a researcher at U of M and graduated with a masters in environmental engineering. She has years of experience empowering kids as a camp counselor, a national educational tour leader, and as an educator at the Museum of Science in Boston. Alexi is devoted to lessening the gap between environmental research and the knowledge of the public. A recent study in the New England Journal of Medicine suggests that there is a possible drop in life expectancy due to childhood obesity. Through Rap for Food she is hoping her music will empower kids to make healthy choices for their bodies and the environment.


Homegrown aka Lucas DiGia


Events & Outreach Coordinator


Local hip-hop performer and gardening enthusiast Lucas DiGia performs family friendly songs inspired by his volunteer work with Project Grow Community Gardens and the myriad of local organizations, food producers, farmers, and food justice advocates. He currently serves as President of Project Grow’s board of directors and  is a member of the steering committee for The Homegrown Festival and The Local Food Summit. Lucas founded Rap For Food to reinforce youth gardening and support educational programs related to gardening, food security, and healthy eating. Song topics include farming, tomatoes, and even strawberries and bees!



Our Artists and Volunteers:

Rap For Food collaborates with local artists who will be added to this list soon. Rap For Food is also made possible by the part time help of several volunteers in areas of Event Management, Marketing, and Development.

If you are interested in getting involved as an Artist, Volunteer, or anything else please let us know at info@rapforfood.org.